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Zhejiang Weibo Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. Its main business is to provide customers with professional solid waste and hazardous waste recycling solutions and special equipment for resource recycling. Formerly known as Wenling Jiazeng Environmental Protection Equipment Factory. Weibo technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, owns a provincial high-tech research and development center, focusing on long-term high-end resource recycling environmental protection equipment research and development and advanced harmless hazardous waste disposal technology exploration. At present, solid waste recycling mainly covers waste circuit board, wire and cable, radiator, motor, waste home appliance, lithium battery and other recyclable resources. The disposal of hazardous wastes is centered on the plasma gasification technology independently developed and designed by Weibo Technology Co., Ltd. to achieve effective reduction and harmless treatment of chemical and medical wastes, solidified fly ash and other hazardous wastes.

At the same time, the company actively explore overseas markets. In Russia, Canada and other countries with overseas authorized agents. At present, the equipment is exported to Korea, Japan, Canada, the United States, Russia, India, Singapore and other countries and regions, making a contribution to global resource recycling.


Enterprise mission: 
Let the earth have less pollution and contribute more to the environment.

Management philosophy:

1. People-oriented
We adhere to the humanistic environment of "respect, self-discipline, collaboration and harmony", and form a "serious, pragmatic, rigorous, scientific" work style, and cultivate a modern professional spirit of "learning, innovation, efficiency, and enterprising".

2. customer-centric
The purpose of the company comes from the market and comes from the satisfaction of customer needs.
Our job is to integrate technology, products and services to meet the maximum needs of our customers and create value for our customers.

3. Based on scientific management
It is necessary to use an objective and realistic approach, a simple and standardized enterprise management mechanism as a platform, and an appropriate management system tool and information technology as a means to establish a modern scientific management system.

4. Streamlined innovation

As a technology-based company, technological innovation is the foundation. Simplify internal processes and hierarchical systems, provide an accessible communication environment and share resources, and provide maximum space for innovation.

Business philosophy: 
Innovation, quality, service, value

Employee values:
Dedication, excellence, integrity, self-discipline, respect for others; team achievement, self-improvement; learning and innovation, self-improvement.


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Why choose us

Stable Quality: From the purchase of raw materials to the final delivery of equipment, each link is strictly implemented in accordance with the design requirements and relevant standards.
Quality Pre-sale Consultation: Provide reliable preliminary equipment design plan. Provide sample test for model selection, raw material testing and other related services.
Strong Production Capacity: The parts independent production rate of our production line is up to 96%, can be based on the special needs of customers at any time for processing and transformation. Company owns large gantry milling machine, CNC machining center, laser cutting platform, intelligent grinder and other related production equipment.
Quick After Sales Service: After the equipment enters client’s shop, technicians will respond within 24-48 hours and provide on-site installation and commissioning services. In addition, professional operation technology training will provided at the same time. Support for remote technical guidance. * Overseas installation time is subject to visa issuance time
Adequate Supply of Spare Parts: The company has a complete spare parts supply process. Commonly used wear parts of the equipment can be shipped the same day after the order is placed. For overseas customers, we will use DHL, UPS and FEDEX according to the country and region. The spare parts can be delivered to the designated place within 3 days at the soonest.
Flexible Customization Services: The company's products are non-standard products, according to the actual production needs of customers to customize the equipment. At the same time, customers can make changes to the equipment configuration to maintain a certain degree of economic efficiency while ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.